SEMrush Review 2020: Number #1 SEO Tool with Quality Features

November 13, 2020

Are you looking for an all-in-one SEO Tool? If yes! Then you’re in the right place.

Actually, SEO tools help in the overall customization of SEO health. If you want to improve the SEO health of your site, then you have to focus on SEO customization. So, here we are going to provide you with the top-rated and Number #1 SEO Tool SEMrush Review.

No doubt, SEMrush is an SEO tool that is serving its service to SEO Experts for 12 years. If you’re running an SEO agency or auditing your one site, then also it’s essential to have SEMrush.

It’ll provide you with a quality idea about your site and how to improve overall status as well?

Our readers always ask us,

Is SEMrush worth it? Or Should I start using the SEMrush?

That’s why we are here to help you in overcoming all of your doubts. And provide you with a clear idea either you should Buy the Premium Plan or Not?

What is SEMrush?

You’re here and going through this article, that means you have a clear idea of SEMrush and how it works?

Though, I’ll provide you with some excellent ideas on SEMrush. Well, SEMrush is known as an all-in-one platform through which you can do keyword research, Competitor analysis, Backlink checking, Trend Checking, Site Auditing, Technical, and ON-Page SEO Checking.

So, overall it’ll provide you with a decent idea about your competitor’s site, and through this, you can merely build-up strategies to compete with them.

If you want to know the SEO health of your site, then also you can do so by using the SEO Audit option. It really makes sense and provides you with top-rated service.

Don’t worry; here we will focus on a lot of points, including the features of SEMrush! You just stay with us until the end.

SEMrush Review: SEMrush Features

SEMrush comes with several features. You can simply use those features to customize your site, fix On-Page SEO issues with proper keyword researching as well.

Here, we’ll focus on how SEMrush works? And how will you be benefited from the SEMrush Premium plan? So, this ultimate SEMrush Review in 2020 will help you in making the best decision either you should buy it or not?


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Keyword Research

SEMrush is better known for Keyword research. Yes, if you’re looking for the best tool for your keyword research, then without a single doubt, you can go with this. Yes, it comes with multiple features and data as well.

Well, this can provide you with a quality idea on a lot of specific topics. These are like;

  • Keyword: You’ll get a decent idea of a particular keyword, including the Search Volume, Difficulty, and traffic information.
  • CPC: With this, you’ll get to know the approximate CPC for any keyword.
  • Competitors: You’ll get a quality idea about the competitors and all.
  • Trend: Yes, you’ll get a decent idea about the trend of any keyword with proper SERP status.

All these features are impressive. But, I personally like the quality of selecting the top keyword that brings the maximum number of traffic.

Keyword Magic Tool

With this Keyword Research segment, I also like this Keyword Magic Tool features as well. Here, you’ll get all the necessary information related to the keyword and their additional keywords.

At a glance, you’ll get to watch all metrics, including search volume, keyword difficulty, competitive density, SERP features, and cost-per-click data. It’ll save your time efficiently.

One more important thing is, from here, you can go to Keyword Analyzer directly. And, can export all the data and place those data in a particular place. You can make use of those keywords at the time of writing.

You can select any particular country and target those specific keywords. If you have proper targets and strategies, then keyword research is not a challenging task at all.

Site Audit

Well, it’s another popular feature of SEMrush through this, you can simply check out the SEO status of a site. If you have your own site or client’s site, then also you can use this particular system to determine the level of SEO health.

With this, you can simply go to your client and ask them to fix those problems because all these problems are creating a harmful effect on the SEO health. If you get to fix those out, then you’ll surely get a quality result.

You can run SEO audio for both mobile and laptop. And, you can easily export that particular data from SEMrush. It’s pretty impressive and helps you in getting a significant result as well.

Position Tracking

SEMrush also comes with a well-designed and scenic organized mobile app. Through this, you can simply track the ranking of your keywords. It’s pretty easy to use due to the user-friendly interface. If I say honestly, until now, I haven’t found this particular system in any SEO tool.

So, if you want to track all SEO raking by a single click, then you can simply go with the SEMrush Premium subscription.

Well, now, this app is only available in Android! The iOS version is coming soon…

Now-Again! The question Come;

Should I Start using SEMrush Premium?

It’s a huge “YES” from My Side!

On-Page & Tech SEO

If you want to analyze the On-Page SEO of a particular page, then you can do so by using this SEO tool. It’s relatively easy to do so by using this tool. With this, you’ll simply get to know the SEO statistics, including On-Page SEO score, Internal linking, external linking, and broken links status, so and so.

No doubt, if you do this research manually, then it’ll undoubtedly take a considerable time of yours. But, with this SEO tool, you can do so by a single click.

You can do deep analyze your content, page, and entire site. Through this, you’ll get quality data on your site and get to fix those problems out by several steps.

With depth SEO analyzer, this particular SEO tool comes with an SEO content template, on-page SEO checker, log file analyzer. Through this, you can simply fix all the SEO relevant issues and give your site a new height as well.

One-Click Competitor Overviews

Well, with SEMrush, you can expose all the strategies of your competitors. Yes, you can simply get to see the keywords, backlinks profile, organic traffic, and the weak loop of your competitor. So, you can simply target the soft loop and compete with that site.

In this case, you just have to place the site URL or post URL on the explore box; that’s it. You’ll get to see all the relevant data that you’re searching for. Yes, this will provide you with a top-rated result and help to improve your overall SEO health.

All this information is very beneficial. Through this, you can simply target your competitors as well. And, get to know the traffic source on a country basis. In another way, you’ll also get to know the broken link. It makes an opportunity of making a quality backlink as well.

It’s a pretty impressive feature. Yes, with this, you can simply analyze the backlink status of your competitors. Here, the most useful thing is to compare five websites in a place.

Yes, you can compare the backlink status or profile of all those competitor sites in a place. No doubt, it’ll surely help you in getting a quality result.

Find Your Paid Search Competition

Now, we will focus on the paid search competition. But, how can an SEO tool help you in this case? Well, SEMrush can help you by providing real-time competition on paid traffic or ads.

Domain Analytics > View Entire Menu > Advertising > Competition

If you go in this way, then you’ll get to watch all the things. And, it can make a proper advertising strategy as well.

In this way, you’ll get quality paid traffic that will help you in generating a quality amount of R.O.I. So, you can go for this SEO tool SEMrush.

Brand Monitoring Tool

If you want to track your brand’s reputation, you can do so by using SEMrush. Yes, you’ll get all the top-class data about your brand.

This tool monitors your brand’s online and digital marketing activities; by doing so, it’ll provide you with your business’s status. If you’re selling a specific service or product, you can use this SEO tool to track all of your activities.

Find Opportunity to Track your Brand

It’ll provide you with a top-class service by providing you with the data about your online business. In today’s time, online data review determines the sale of a specific product.

So, to track all your business status, this specific tool can help you a lot.

Track and manage backlinks

If you want to track your site’s backlinks, you’ll surely get to experience a top-class service by using this specific tool. Yes, you’ll get to manage your external linking and internal linking status by using this tool.

Backlink plays a significant role in ranking your site or articles. If you have that much useful backlinks, then you’ll surely get a 101% benefit from this.

PLA research

PLA stands for Product Listing Ads. If you want to analyze your status and your competitor’s ads status, this technique can effectively help you.

PLA ads are cost per click ads. Most of the online marketers, eCommerce sites use this technique to enhance their online sales status. So, this would be the most effective system to track all the activities of your competitors.

Content Marketing Toolkit

If you want to analyze any content, you can do so using this super impressive SEO tool. Well, it comes with a lot of specific features that make all of your easy to conduct.

Content Analyzing

With this, you can do content analysis and become aware of the faults in the content. Yes, you’ll also get to analyze the readability and more through this.

Yes, you can do content analysis with this SEO tool. You’ll get to know the On-Page SEO status and many more by using this.

So, it’ll surely help your site’s online ranking. That’s why almost all professional content marketers like to use this tool.

Competitor Content Analyze

If you want to analyze the competitor’s content, you can do so using this platform. It’ll surely help you get the idea of the On-Page SEO techniques, keywords, and many more on which any content is ranking for.

You can make your content strategy, and it’ll surely provide you with the top-class idea to overtake your competitors in the ranking.

SEMrush Pros and Cons

Well, SEMrush comes with plenty of pros and cons, like other digital products.

Semrush Pros

  • SEMrush comes with one of the largest keyword databases.
  • The toolkit comes with topic research, SEO template creation, writing assistant, and content audit.
  • Here, you’ll get a brand monitoring feature.
  • It expands the backlink profile significantly. So, with this, you’ll get a significant database on the link of your competitors.
  • It also comes with one of the largest databases on the keyword as well.

Semrush Cons

  • Here, you won’t get the in build SERP feature.
  • Keyword’s difficulty status can be a bit unreliable.

SEMrush Plan and Pricing

SEMrush comes with multiple plans. So, to experience the premium feature of SEMrush, you can simply go with any of these premium plans.

  • For the Pro Plan, you need to pay $99.95/month,
  • For the Guru Plan, you have to give $199.95/month,
  • If you’re conducting business, then you need to pay $399.95/month,
  • You can experience top-rated and required service with proper customization.

If you want to experience all the premium features without spending a single penny, then you can go for SEMrush free trial for 30 days.

By using SEMrush Coupon, you’ll surely secure a SEMrush discount through this; you can save a little amount of money.


SEMrush Free Trial 30 Days

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Closing Opinion…

SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools that come with a lot of brilliant features. So, with this, you’ll get to experience the top quality benefits. That’s why you’ll surely get to improve the overall SEO health of your site.

Here, we have provided all the quality information on SEMrush Reviews, including the pricing and my personal opinion.

I hope you have liked the entire discussion. If you like, then don’t forget to hit the sharing button and share it with your friends. Stay tuned for upcoming updates on SEMrush, and thanks for reading.

SEMrush Review (2020): Number #1 SEO Tool with 15 Quality Features

Semrush Review 2020 After Using and Testing all Features for 1 year. Here are 10 Hidden Premium Features that you must use it Right Now.

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