Grammarly Premium Review: Should you go for this in 2021?

July 20, 2021

As a professional editor, I can tell how Important Grammarly is! Yes, it’s imperative to know all about this Grammarly Premium Account and the top-class opinion of Tips ya Tricks on the Grammarly Review.

However, I still use this fantastic platform to fix all my errors in writing. Actually, being a professional writer and owning a content writing team, I have a good hold on English grammar. But, to check out all the small mistakes, it helps me a lot.

So, here we’ll focus on the basics of Grammarly. What Grammarly is! And, can it replace human proofreaders. Here, we’ll also provide you with the ultimate Review of this. Yes, we’ll answer a frequently asked question, “Is it worth it?”

Here, we’ll provide you with the ultimate and comprehensive Review. So, after going through this article, you’ll get a decent idea of the quality of this software. That’s why you’ve to stay with us until the end of this Review. And, don’t forget to give your feedback after reading this entire Review!

Note: Here, we’ve placed some affiliate links. If you sign up to Grammarly by clicking on these links, then we’ll earn a little amount of commission. But, here we’ll provide you with a balanced review on this with final words. So, it’ll help you in making the best decision.

Grammarly Overview

Well, if you do any kind of writing on the internet, then you’ve probably heard of Grammarly. It’s the most popular Grammar and silly mistake checkers, that’s why it has more than 10 million active users of this.

How Grammarly Works;

If you do online writing, then you can use Grammarly extension. It can analyze a piece of content and check out all kinds of mistakes. Well, the free version covers basic errors (grammar, punctuation, and spelling). But, to polish your content and make it professional, you’ve to choose the premium version.

Features of Grammarly;

  • Premium Version comes to make the content free from Grammar and Punctuation mistakes.
  • Well, with this, you can check the spelling as well.
  • With Grammarly premium, you can set your writing goal and polish your content by giving it a professional look.
  • You can improve your writing style as well.
  • By double-clicking on a specific word, you’ll get to know the appropriate meaning.
  • With this premium tool, you can check the plagiarism of any content.

It doesn’t matter what kind of writing you’re doing-SEO writing, blog post writing, and social media post writing, casual writing-Grammarly can help you in improving your writing style and provide it a professional look and tune.

In simply manner, I think the following people can benefit the most by using Grammarly;

  • Bloggers
  • Students and Teachers
  • Content Marketers or Copy Writers
  • Business Writers or Professionals.

Top 5 Reasons behind Recommending Grammarly

Well, let’s focus on some robust points and why I always recommend Grammarly to my readers, friend and family;

User-Friendly and Use Without Complications

Most of this grammar fixing software is not easy to handle because in those you’ve to copy your text, then it’ll show suggestions. And, you’ll not get appropriate recommendations with that as well. Due to those sophisticated features, writers or working professional doesn’t like to use those platforms.

But, Grammarly is not like that software. It comes with a lot of brilliant features and a user-friendly interface. You can simply use it at the time of writing your content as well. It’s too simple to use, so you could teach it to your grandparents in an hour.

Yes, you can use Grammarly Premium in many ways. By using;

  • The browser extension,
  • Grammarly Web Tool,
  • Use Desktop App,
  • The Mobile App,

With Grammarly, you can simply fix your silly grammar and article mistakes. You need to copy the entire content and past it in the desktop app. After that, you’ll get all smart suggestions, and you can simply fix those errors according to those suggestions.

And, as an editor, I’ve played with almost all popular grammar mistake checkers including Pro Writing Aid and Ginger. But, believe me, I’ve found Grammarly is the easiest to use.

Grammarly Really Works or Not?

You’re going through Grammarly Review. So, this question will surely come to your mind, Grammarly Works or Not?

Let’s clarify this doubt, yes, it definitely works. With this, you’ll get all the smart suggestions. This will make your content grammar mistake-free. 

But, at the end of the day, it needs to be considered that no software can provide you with totally correct suggestions. This software is designed in such a manner that it can provide you with the ultimate recommendation on grammar and spelling mistakes.

Yes, it also needs to be considered that Grammarly is far better than its competitors. And, you’ll get the best suggestion from this to make your content silly mistakes free.

What Makes Grammarly Unique? And why it’s more effective than its competitors?

  • The user-friendly appearance with super impressive suggestions helps in making your content error-free.
  • You can correct mistakes at the time of writing content on any online platform, including Blogger, WordPress, or others.
  • With Grammarly, you can simply fix silly mistakes and check out the plagiarism status in your content.
  • It’s too easy to operate. So, anybody can manage this without having any technical knowledge.

Smart Suggestion Teaches a Lot of Things

Other Grammarly alternatives, such as Pro Writing Aid and Ginger, acts by highlighting the standard errors. But, Grammarly is one step advanced.  Yes, Grammarly Premium can suggest to you what makes the sentence wrong and how to overcome this wrong fragment!

It means by using Grammarly, you not only make your content, blog post, article, e-mail, press release mistake-free. But also you can simply improve your hold on English by using the micro-lessons of Grammarly premium.

Here, I’ll point out some common suggestion that I’ve experienced at the time of using Grammarly premium;

  • Proper Comma Placement,
  • Word Overuse,
  • Sentence Fragment issue,
  • Fix phrase structure,
  • Incorrect pronouns,
  • Adverb overuse,
  • Consecutive sentence,
  • Tautologies.

Well, if you want to improve your English or make it error-free, then there’s no better tool than Grammarly premium.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Review

Well, with Grammarly, you can check the plagiarism of your content with a single click. It works smartly and searches plagiarism throughout the internet. And, you’ll get all the similar suggestion in front of you.

So, with the Grammarly premium, you’ll get double benefits. If you subscribe to this, then you’ll get an additional plagiarism checker too. It would be a super deal for you.

Different Ways to Use

Well, Grammarly Premium comes with different modes, including extension, app, website, and mobile app. You can simply use any of these modes to correct your content or writing. So, this will provide you with the ultimate error-free experience.

Now, you may be thinking, do I need to copy and paste content into the box to check errors? No, it’s not! If you’re doing online writing, then you can simply use it at the time of writing as well. Now, you can access Grammarly with a blogger, WordPress, and Microsoft Office as well.

Grammarly is a smart tool that needs an internet connection to provide you super suggestions.

You can use Grammarly Premium is different ways, including;

1. The Grammarly web tool

You can simply make your content error-free by using this tool. Here, you just need to copy and paste your content to make it error-free. On the dashboard, click on the ‘New’ option, and it’ll show a blank page.

There you can simply paste your content and get to watch smart suggestions and make your content error-free.

2. Desktop app

With a stable internet connection, you can simply check your content status by using this desktop app. Here, you just have to paste the content and get to see smart suggestions. This will help in making your content error-free.

3. Browser extension

It’s the best way that I like to use it. Yes, you can simply check out and fix your silly mistakes by using browser extensions. Well, it’s quite easy to use, and you’ll get a real-time suggestion from this. And, it’ll surely enhance your writing skill as well.

So, you can simply use this at the time of writing on the Microsoft Office, Blogger, WordPress, or Other Online Platforms.

4. on your Phone

Grammarly has its own keyboard that you can use at the time of writing, and it’ll fix silly mistakes. You can use this app both in Android and iOS devices.

Once activated, this app will automatically check silly mistakes, grammar, and other factors at the time of writing messages, e-mails so and so.

Grammarly Keyboard Review

Well, if you’re using Grammarly on your phone, then you’ll surely get the best quality performance with this. It’ll improve your overall experience at the time of typing something.

This makes your typing and writing secure and error-free as well. So, you can simply go for this Grammarly keyboard to improve your ultimate typing experience.

How much Does Grammarly Premium Cost?

Is Grammarly free to use?

Yes, it’s free. But, you’ll miss a lot of advanced and smart features with the free version. So, to polish your content and make it error-free, it’s essential to go with Grammarly premium account.

As I’ve already told here, Grammarly free version is pretty impressive and the best tool to fix basic errors. But, to get the smartest suggestions and make it error-free, you’ve to upgrade your account.

The current price structure for Grammarly premium account;

  • Grammarly Premium monthly subscription costs $29.95 per month.
  • Quarterly subscription costs 19.98 per month, billed as one payment of $59.95.
  • $11.66 a month when you pay annually (Approx. $139.95 in total)

Now you know the Grammarly price, so this will help you to make a decent decision whether the free version is better for you? Or, you should upgrade this to get the best service.

Grammarly Premium vs. Free Version

Grammarly Premium

  • Here, you’ll get all the basic suggestions, including preposition, verb, and others.
  • With the premium subscription, you’ll get all advanced suggestions, including Syntax, auxiliary verb, and sentence fragment, punctuation placements, so and so.
  • Premium Version comes with proper real-time suggestions.
  • Here, you’ll get a plagiarism checker to check out the status of plagiarism in your content.
  • It’ll help in overall polishing your content.

Grammarly Free

  • It comes with all types of basic suggestions.
  • With this, you’ll not get any smart suggestions as well.
  • Late suggestions
  • Here, the Plagiarism checker is not available.
  • You’ll not get super polished content by using this.

Grammarly premium Review

Well, I’m very sure that you’ll not get any better grammar checking tools than Grammarly premium.

Firstly, you can go for a free version; if you become benefited from this, then you can upgrade your account to a premium one. 

Grammarly Premium comes with far better features than other grammar checkers, including spelling mistakes, punctuation, sentence structure, and context. With the free version of Grammarly, you’ll get to fix;

  • Writing inconsistencies
  • Unclear structure
  • Inappropriate tone
  • Insensitive language
  • Wordiness
  • Overuse of words etc

Customize Feedback: Responsive Appearance

As a writer, it’s crucial to get specific feedback. If you don’t get proper feedback, then it’ll be hard to improve your writing skill. In this case, Grammarly premium really helps a lot;

You can simply set-up your writing goal by using the premium account. Yes, you can simply adjust the setting and make it imposing;

  • Intent (Joyful, Strong Appearance, Informative, Tell a story)
  • Audience (General or Expert)
  • Style (Informative or formal)
  • Select Emotions
  • Type of Writing (Blog post, Academic and Business)

You can simply adjust all these things. These goals determining set-up will surely help you in making the best quality and polish contents.

Is a Grammarly subscription worth it?

Definitely Yes! Grammarly Premium is worth it.

The free version of this tool is impressive. But, here you won’t get any smart suggestions. So, it may affect your writing skill and won’t provide that intelligent service.

That’s why you need to go with the premium version of Grammarly. You can simply go for this Grammarly premium subscription, and this will surely improve your writing skill as well.

I personally like to use the premium version. So, right now, I’m using the Grammarly premium account because I appreciate these extra features and smart suggestions that help in improving my content.

So, if you want to improve your writing skill or make your writing error-free without a single doubt, you can simply go for this subscription. And, believe me; you’ll surely get the best writing experience with this.

Grammarly Premium Review: Closing Thoughts…

No doubt! Grammarly is the best and affordable tool that will provide you with the best services. If you’re not strong in English, then also you can use it to make your English robust. It’ll help to find out the errors, and fix those errors as well.

So, if you want to improve your English writing skill, then you should go with the premium version of this. That’s why I personally recommend this tool to my friends to use at the time of online writing.

Here, we’ve provided you with a detailed discussion on the Grammarly premium. If you’ve any questions after going through this Grammarly premium review, then don’t forget to ask us via comments. Stay tuned for the next update, and thanks for reading.

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