Fluent CRM Review: Best Email Marketing Automation Plugin in 2021

April 9, 2021

No more search on the Email Automation tools? Here, we have brought an all-in-one solution for an email marketing automation program. Yes, here we will focus on the fluent CRM review, either it’s worth it or not, and many more!

Fluent CRM is one of the simplest email marketing plugins on WordPress through which you can manage your marketing strategies as well. 

It’s called an all-in-one email marketing platform with almost all kinds of advanced features, including building an email list, client relationship, funnel building, with many more.

So, to increase the conversion rate and make more profit, you can simply integrate this super responsive plug-in to WordPress. And, if you do so, then your work speed will be better enough than previously.

Yes, it’s completely free!!

What is Fluent CRM? [Best Review on Fluent CRM]

fluentCRM home page

Fluent CRM is one of the best email marketing plug-ins or software with almost all advanced features. So, it can merely improve your ultimate productivity as well.

So, if you want to boost your marketing campaign and want to secure a massive result with quality conversion, then you can use this platform.

Here, you can manage all the things in a place. It makes this software very impressive. So, you can go with this super fantastic email marketing software.

Fluent CRM Review: Why People like Fluent CRM? 

No doubt, due to all these super impressive features, this plug-in has enormous popularity among the public. So, you can simply choose this software for your business.

Here, we will discuss the specific features of Fluent CRM Review!!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • It stores all the information about your customers,
  • Automatically imports data from the Woo commerce, WP users, and other places,
  • This automated software artificially analyze all information about your customers,
  • Analyze Woo Commerce, EDD, Learn Dash, LifterLMS data,
  • It automatically tracks all the activities of your emails,
  • Well, segment your contacts by lists, tags, and filters in a prescribed manner.

Fluent CRM Review: Email Marketing Campaigns 

fluentCRM Email Marketing Campaign
  • Here, you can store all the pre-written emails in one place,
  • It comes with a dedicated email builder that you can use to build an impressive mail,
  • Customize the email with different catchy elements,
  • Send or schedule your mail and make your strategies,
  • Check out the details with the conversion, click, and many more,
  • Send unlimited emails by this.

Contact Segmentation and Reporting

fluentCRM Customer Segmentation
  • With this, you can simply create tags or name list with a single click,
  • Filter or search your customers’ list by following some steps,
  • With this, you can send emails by using the tags or lists. It makes your emails more professional and informative as well,
  • You can manage an unlimited number of leads and contacts by using this.

Marketing Funnel Builder

FluentCRM Marketing Funnel Builder
  • By using Fluent CRM’s funnel builder, you’ll get to build high-quality funnels in decent design,
  • You can integrate this with your WordPress site,
  • Use funnel sequel set-up option for different actions including sign up, form submission, product purchase, course enrolment,
  • You can build simply funnel to sell your paid products,
  • With this tool, you can make your marketing fully automated and pretty simple to conduct all over functions,
  • Check out all the status of conversions and other vital data.

Built-in Analytics and Easy to Use Dashboard

  • Fluent CRM comes with built-in analytics and easy to use dashboard. It makes all the functions easy to control.
  • Here, you’ll get to watch all the data on a single screen,
  • Track all marketing emails and check out all the conversion status, purchase history, and many more,
  • Integrate other plug-ins, including EDD, LifterLMS, Learn Dash, AffiliateWP, Paid Membership Pro, and many more.

Integrated Options

  • Use forms with your funnel builder as a trigger and automate your email sending strategies,
  • Differentiate your users depending upon form submission and submission data.

Other Bullet Features

  • Convert your WordPress post commenter to your subscribers,
  • Provide quality value to get sufficient leads,
  • Make your WordPress users as your subscribers,
  • Customize your email footers and other portions,

Fluent CRM Review: Why should you go with Fluent CRM?

We have discussed this at the portion of the key features on this. But, except those, it also comes with some dynamic qualities from which you can go with Fluent CRM.

  • This software is designed with VueJS and REST API as a single page application,
  • The dashboard is user-friendly and super-advanced, which makes it easy to use. Well, here you’ll get graphs, essential data points, charts, and many other things,
  • You can integrate email marketing analyst to analyze all the status of your campaign,
  • Send Unlimited emails in a day. This email sending platform is compelling, and you can track all the status by using this platform.

Pro Version’s Features

  • Woo Commerce: Run funnels, differentiate customers,
  • Easy Digital Downloads: Segment your customers and work on them by making all different types of campaigns,
  • WPFusion Integration,
  • Fluent Forms Integration,
  • LifterLMS: It’s a funnel for different LMS functions, so with this, you can do the course enrolment, course completed, and other things.


Is There Any Limitation in Fluent CMR on Email Sending?

=> No specific limitations; with this, you’ll get to send 100 to 50,000 emails daily.

Is it a Self-hosted Platform?

=> Yes, Fluent CRM is a 100% self-hosted platform.

Is it worked properly with WordPress?

=> Yes, it works perfectly with WordPress. So, you can simply go for this premium email marketing service.

Closing Thoughts…

Fluent CRM is one of the most popular email marketing software with several advanced features. If you want to bring your email marketing strategies in full automation, you can go for this super special software.

Here, we have discussed on the Fluent CRM Reviews. This will surely help you make a decent decision over this software, either you should buy it or not?

I hope you like this entire discussion. If you like, then click on the social sharing button and share it with our friends. Stay tuned for the next update, and thanks for reading.

Fluent CRM Review: Best Email Marketing Automation Plugin in 2021

Best email marketing tool fluent CRM Review, do you want to buy the premium version? If yes! then give a glace to our revue on Fluent CRM.

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